Tuesday, September 19, 2006


special guest: BRIGHT CHIMEZIE

BRIGHT CHIMEZIE (a.k.a Okoro Junior) is a well known traditional musician form the south-east of nigeria. a popular zzigima singer. he was born on october 1, 1960 at a time the country severed its colonial cord from britain.

>>Zzigima means Ozi I Ga Ma in Igbo language. It means the message that everyone (Africans) should know. My music is rooted in the cultural music of my people. I am out to promote African culture and African ways of life. Our people have become copycats in their manners of eating, dressing and even talking. All these have to change. Otherwise, Africans would not be different from bats that neither belong to the air nor to the land. We have to retrace our steps to our African ways of doing things, which are even superior to the European an American ways which we now imitate. That is all about Zzigima sound, the message for every African all over the world.<<
source: http://www.onlinenigeria.com/links/chimezieadv.asp

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