Thursday, September 28, 2006


complete different

and now something complete different!

... mozart in the opera house of graz.

see them in the loge of siegfried nagl, mayor of graz.


sound and groove

there are a lot of remarkable talents in the african community. music is a strong part of course. here you see the ONOWU BAND.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


baodo-boys live

on friday there is a *FEST DER KONTINENTE* in Weiz. Guyallord and G-Mopwill be there at 18:00 o clock.

africa/australia/europe/onda latina 06 - Multi-Kulti-School-Welcome-Party
mit Juan Carlos Sungurlian, RhythMen, Boado Boys.
Info: Stadtmarketing Weiz (Tel. 03172/2319-650)

At 21:00 Uhr the Baodo-Boys play Drum-Music, in the *Wallzentrum* (Cafeteria / Conference for Prof. Scheipl)


Music is going strong

Seydina Insa Wade, a great musician from Senegal, did a performance in the „NIL“. See:


paintings from western africa

the baodo-community is preparing an exihibition in the styrian city HARTBERG.

see deteilas:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


special guest: BRIGHT CHIMEZIE

BRIGHT CHIMEZIE (a.k.a Okoro Junior) is a well known traditional musician form the south-east of nigeria. a popular zzigima singer. he was born on october 1, 1960 at a time the country severed its colonial cord from britain.

>>Zzigima means Ozi I Ga Ma in Igbo language. It means the message that everyone (Africans) should know. My music is rooted in the cultural music of my people. I am out to promote African culture and African ways of life. Our people have become copycats in their manners of eating, dressing and even talking. All these have to change. Otherwise, Africans would not be different from bats that neither belong to the air nor to the land. We have to retrace our steps to our African ways of doing things, which are even superior to the European an American ways which we now imitate. That is all about Zzigima sound, the message for every African all over the world.<<



joseph dim is onowu. what does that mean?

onowu is the traditionell prime-minister for the comunity. he speaks with the politicans for the people. for their problems. he does first bevore the "Kaiser".

here in graz is the same work. helping the poor one, finding the problems, helping to solve it.

joseph tells us:
>>i am the onowu one for the steiermark. in ibo traditional culture.<<

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Nice Sound Too ...

Not only drum, base and guitar ... see our table tennis-matches in the park by the "NIL:





you see some of our crew-members ...


The Radio-Station

let's say:


around the CITY GRAZ (styria / austria).

what is *african time*? check this:





today ...
... this sunday started with rain, but in the afternoon the sun was back.

joseph and schumi had a short break, looking for some fotographs about the radio-work. and decided to start with a new line in internet.

so this is the launch of the *african time community center*.

what means:
additional to the radio:

... here is a newsline in internet, to give you informations.

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